Who made your towel?

Your Kushel towel is made by lovely people like Maria, Miguel, Anna and many others at our producer in the north of Portugal. The company was founded in the early 70´s and has developed into a renown company in the home textile industry. At present the company has a team of more than 400 qualified specialists and a modern industrial park, even with its own solar extraction and sewage treatment plant according to the latest standards. All employees are organised in trade unions and work according to collective agreements. The company also provides psychological help for employees with problems at work or in their private lives. In this region in Portugal, similar to Germany, there is a rural exodus of the youth. Only through a qualified job with prospects can new skilled workers be found and our partner manages this extremely well. We have had the same contact person since the beginning of our cooperation and the company is still family run. We from Kushel have been on site several times, got to know many employees and were able to convince ourselves of the safety and environmental standards. For example, all colours and chemicals in the manufacturing process are GOTS certified.


For our towels and bathrobes we weave our own yarn in house. Our requirement: organic cotton in a mix with Lenzing Modal, which was not available before. Especially for us the production was changed and we could meet our requirements. We are currently working on changing the organic cotton in our products to an even more sustainable variety. We don't want to give away too much yet, but if everything works out, we will soon offer you a cotton with tracing to the farmer.

We are constantly improving our production chain to offer you even more sustainable and better products. Due to our persistence and high standards that have been met, the producer is now able to offer this sustainable quality to other clients. Someone has to be the first - thank you, it was only possible with all of you treefluencers❤️🙏