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About us

Kushel, a startup from Hamburg, Germany has raised $33,650 on kickstarter with a sustainable towel. The founders Jim, John & Mattias want to set a trend in the industry and prove that it is possible to do business, while having a positive impact on the environment.

 The Kushel towel consists of 30% beech wood fibers from Austria and 70% organic cotton from West Turkey. In comparison to a towel made of conventional cotton, this combination results in a cosy and absorbent towel, which consumes 90% less water and emits 44% less CO2 while growing. But that´s not it: Kushel compensates the environmental impact of the entire production process. ... with Gold Standard CO2 and blue water creating projects.

Finally, the brand is becoming climate and resource positive by planting two trees in Germany, Africa or Mexico for each towel sold.

But how do you get such an idea? „The textile-industry is everything else but environmentally friendly and we want to contribute to change that. Having a low ecological footprint won´t save the planet. We need to become positive from day one and we hope that other brands and big corporations will follow our lead,” says Jim Tichatschek, one of the founders of Kushel. “We want to convince people with superior product benefits, instead of self-denial or having to make compromises. We want to tackle climate change by being literally positive in everything we do.”