170.400 trees planted!

There is probably nothing more beautiful than to announce how many trees we have planted in such a short time thanks to you. 170,400 trees is quite a lot. But planting trees is only one part of our mission, because there are many ways to become more sustainable…

Thicker packaging = less waste

Kushel Verpackung

As you may already know, we do not use plastic, of course, but only bags based on cornstarch. These are biodegradable and leave no micro-plastic in our environment. Nevertheless, this is not the solution in the long run, because the cultivation of corn has its problems, too. We are also working on further optimisations in this area and fortunately there is a lot going on in the development of new materials.

But how can thicker packaging produce less waste? Even though you save more money when you buy a towel set from us, we have found that one third of all orders are single orders. That is why we have had our bags reinforced so that they are tearproof and we can use them directly for shipping. In this way we save resources because we no longer need the cardboard box for these individual orders.

New cotton = less water 

Kushel Holz und Baumwolle

The subject of "planting trees" is on everyone's lips and that is good. However, we see it as the icing on the cake of our mission and attach particular importance to the origin and ecological balance of our materials. Because we think compensating and planting trees is great, but even better is of course to protect nature as much as possible.

Accordingly, we are very happy that we have found a new partner in Tanzania, whose cotton fields do not require any external irrigation. After all, water consumption is the biggest problem of cotton cultivation next to pesticides.

How to do that? There are two rainy seasons on Kilimanjaro, which provide enough water to irrigate the cotton plantations. We are still in the final stages of quality testing, because we remain true to our principle in being cosy for you and Mother Nature.


Stay safe and stay cosy!