We at Kushel prove that consumption can also have a positive impact - because we give more back to the environment with our products than we consume in production. To make our positive impact even bigger, we have teamed up with ALDI SÜD. Thanks to the cooperation, we were able to produce a new Kushel towel that is slightly cheaper than the classic Kushel towels. The limited edition Kushel Essential Towel is our approach to a sustainable lifestyle that every person can afford.

The Essential Towel is made from our trusted mix of soft beech wood and rain-watered organic cotton. With a lighter weight and higher quantities, the Essential Towel is something we can offer at an unbeatable ALDI price. It has a hanger, beautiful wood grain and double stitching. The light weight makes it super for sports or yoga.

Sustainability can be so ALDI - exclusive cooperation between ALDI SÜD and Kushel

With the mission "Today for Tomorrow" ALDI SÜD shows that sustainability is possible in many areas. The cooperation between Kushel and ALDI SÜD means that the high-quality Essential towels can make many bathrooms even more sustainable. Nadja Thorman, Manager Corporate Responsibility at ALDI SÜD, tells us in an exclusive interview exactly what the cooperation looks like.

Why does Aldi offer Kushel products?

"In order to make the world more sustainable day by day, it is very important to us as a retail company to also join forces with partners who support our mission. To act for the environment while also meeting the needs of our customers. Kushel is setting a new benchmark in the textile industry, while ensuring the highest social and environmental standards. Together, we are strong and can make these standards possible for a broader mass of people through our discount principle, thereby raising awareness for greater sustainability."

What does sustainability look like at Aldi?

"The topic of sustainability plays an important role at ALDI SÜD and we are always evolving in this regard. We believe that animal welfare and environmental protection concern us all, and we also see that our customers' interest in sustainability issues continues to grow.

Wherever possible, we are committed to protecting nature and improving living and working conditions. In addition, we work with various partners who support us in this mission, such as Kushel with its sustainable Essential towels."

What can ALDI do to ensure that green issues do not disappear into the greenwashing drawer even after such cooperation, but remain sound and genuine?

"We have been committed to the issue of sustainability on various levels for many years. In our #Haltungswechsel campaign, for example, we have set various milestones, some of which we have already been able to achieve. Already, 25 percent of our drinking milk comes from husbandry systems 3 and 4, and we aim to achieve 100 percent by 2030. In addition to animal welfare, our measures also relate to climate protection, organic products, human rights, social commitment, employees and packaging reduction.

ALDI SÜD has already been climate-neutral since 2017 and purchases 100 percent green electricity. Thanks to the packaging mission, we have already saved more than 79,000 tons of packaging material compared to the base year 2015. Collaborations like with Kushel confirm and support our sustainable strategy."

What does the cooperation between Kushel and ALDI look like in concrete terms?

"ALDI SÜD has long been committed to sustainability and is also committed to promoting innovative ideas through its umbrella brand "WHAT'S NEXT." Kushel absolutely convinced us with creativity and sustainability. That's why Kushel has produced a towel that will be available exclusively during the campaign week starting May 30 at ALDI SÜD. We are in close exchange and are very happy about the cooperation!"

What do both cooperation partners expect from the collaboration?

"Kushel and ALDI SÜD together inspire with a 100 percent sustainable towel at ALDI price. The high-quality Kushel products reach the broader market through our campaign and contribute to making sustainable shopping affordable for everyone. For both companies, it is a successful cooperation that stands for a good cause. And that's exactly what we want to promote."

How can sustainable business become a reality in the future?
"It is important to follow the needs of the customers and to always stay up to date. Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role and we at ALDI SÜD are also trying to pass this on transparently to our customers and inform them about all measures. In doing so, we work according to the discount principle and continue to offer the best quality at the best possible prices. A sustainable future naturally also includes cooperation with important partners and service providers, without whom we would not achieve this goal."