The Kushel Bathrobe

They are back again!

We still can't believe that our crowdfunding on Startnext was so successful: 432 supporters helped us to fund our bathrobe campaign in only one day and finally to over-finance it with 339%. You have proven to us and the world that the idea of climate- & resource-positive consumption works!

After almost running empty on our bathrobes, we now received a new cosy delivery from Portugal. Thanks for your trust, love and support!


Wow! What a Feedback 😍

"My bathrobe has arrived! Packed very well and hygienically. Of course I had to unpack it and try it on immediately. So fluffy......just great! It fits super, had some concerns about the length, especially on the arms, most of the time the clothes are a bit too short for me....but not here! I can even hide my hands in the sleeves. It is a little wide, but I just wrap myself up even deeper in it. I thought about replacing all my sleep and comfortable chill wear with it. Taking it off is really hard. One day later the first humidity test followed... and as expected A+ performance. You are dry and warm in no time. It doesn't feel wet or damp here is the first problem...I don't want to take it off...but I have to go to work...what a dilemma! Got it on again while I am writing this. So to all of you out there who are not sure yet: You can only make one mistake; not buy it! Value for money is sensational. It's not only fluffy and cuddly, comfortable, soft, cloudy... you can still spend hours in it without the feeling of wearing a wet garment. Now it's time to save money and then get to the towels! Dear team keep it up...I urgently need a nice bathmat! 😁" 


Press Love 

Shout outs to Magazines like Petra, Glamour and all other editors for your wonderful publications!


Have you heard our podcast with Startnext?

In this interview you can learn about how we become climate & resource positive and what we want to achieve with it. Much fun! 🎧 (In German though)

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