We´ll plant trees in Africa

Dear Treefluencer, 

The Kushel-Community on Facebook has decided! We will plant our next 500 trees in Africa! Our Partner Trees for the Future supports Projects in in Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal, Uganda, Guinea and Tanzania 😊 Alongside Trees for the Future, we have more Partners and now is the right time to tell you a bit more about them

The trees we plant in Africa with Trees for the Future are helping to restore deforested areas, but they have a big social impact as well! These trees give families the ability to transition from destructive farming techniques to a so-called Forest Garden system. These gardens sustain and empowers the families by giving them a sustainable employment. https://trees.org/

The team of plant for the planet is a very special one. The idea has started throughout a presentation at school within a group project of young students. Now they managed to become a global movement and their goal is ”to fight the climate crisis by planting trees”. They work with young adults and focus on education and lobbying for trees. https://www.plant-for-the-planet.org/ 

The Klimapaten organize events in which companies and their customers plant trees together. As you might have seen, we have already participated in one of the events and successfully planted some trees. https://klimapatenschaft.de 

Have family members that aren’t on social media? Share this link to our campaign with them through email, or anywhere else you’d like: https://kck.st/2COIA4i

Thanks for helping us grow! Jim, John & Mattias 🙏