245.400 Bäume

Wow! With your help we have planted 245,400 trees in the last two years. Thanks a million for your support!

To plant the trees, we teamed up with professionals. Why? Although we have dealt a lot with the topic of planting trees in the last few years and are in contact with many experts, this field is far too complex to keep track of it all and to always be up to date. On the occasion of our second birthday, we would like to introduce you to our tree planting partners, because without them, our calculation of being climate- and resource-positive would not work.

Klimapatenschaft - “We plant fresh water”

Klimapatenschaft is our regional partner, where we participate in the tree planting campaign near Hamburg every year. This project is based on turning the Klövensteen forest into a mixed deciduous forest. This means that deciduous trees are planted in the spruce monoculture forest stand. Each deciduous tree planted promotes the formation of 200 litres of groundwater per year, as this reduces evaporation, the evaporation of water on the forest floor.

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Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the last tree planting event had to be postponed. However, we are already looking forward to the date in autumn 2021!

Trees for the Future - “We aren’t just planting trees. We’re changing lives.”

We are delighted that Trees for the Future is currently growing bigger and faster than ever before.

With Trees for the Future, we plant trees in Tanzania, where our cotton also comes from.

The Trees for the Future project is a training programme called the Forest Garden Approach. Farmers are trained to sustainably transform their own garden into a forest garden system. This helps farmers to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables. Farmers gain increased income and access to food in the first year, while improving the environment. In Tanzania alone, Trees for the Future has so far supported a total of 33,574 people, resulting in 4,733 gardens and 8,852,571 trees planted.

You can find the entire 2020 report here: Learn more!

Plant for the Planet - “Stop talking, start planting”

The idea for Plant for the Planet was born during a presentation at school in a group project with young students. More than 88 thousand children have already been trained by Plant for the Planet in academies in 74 countries to take action for the environment. The trees are planted in the Yucatán Peninsula and the State of Mexico, restoring degraded and plundered forests. Recent research shows that it is possible to restore up to 1,000 billion mature trees without competing with agriculture and settlements.

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