Blue like the Ocean

Dear Treefluencer,

thank you again for your support and engagement! You have decided! The new colour is Ocean Blue and it will be available in the Backerkit Survey after our campaign ends.

We will post an update as soon as we get the lab dip (small towel piece) in Ocean Blue. You can expect a classic dark navy blue. 


The gift card is coming to you! Please let us know where to send the gift card. All request before the 16th of December will be sent in time for Christmas! There will be a question in the Backerkit Survey after the campaign ends.

Wow - Thanks for all your comments, shares and pictures! We achieved more than 5500 likes, more than 170 shares and more than 40 tree hugging pics with our Treehugger Challenge. Adding up the challenge with our share program and our pledges, we will pant almost 9000 trees until now! Yeah!

Final Days on Kickstarter

We need your help! Please tell a friend to tell a friend to check out our campaign and help to grow our mission!

Have family members that aren’t on social media? Share this link to our campaign with them through email, or anywhere else you’d like:

Thanks for helping us grow! Jim, John & Mattias 🙏