Under the blanket with Jasmin and Josephine

Today we want to introduce two more people with whom we are in cahoots! Jasmin and Josephine Jeß are sisters and the founders of Prana Up Your Life. Prana means life energy that promises a long and happy life if we strengthen it within us. We do this by consciously connecting with our physical body, our thoughts and feelings. It is well known that we can achieve this "mind-body-connection" through yoga and meditation. But how big the role our food plays in this is often not seen. With their coaching programme, the two women from Hamburg help others to develop more energy, calmness and lightness in their everyday lives, to strengthen the Mind-Body-Connection and to enjoy the magic of the moment - by simply implementing Ayurvedic nutrition, yoga and mindfulness exercises. Jasmin and Josephine Jess not only spread pure joy of life on their podcast, but also inspire in their Prana COOKING CLUB and the JOY FOOD JOURNEY!

Kushel Decke

The two are not only digital ambassadors for a more mindful coexistence, they have let their experiences flow into a haptic book. By combining ayurvedic and mindful eating, they have created the ideal basis for supporting other people on their path of development. Don't worry, you don't have to follow a guru, eat Indian curries or perform Ayurvedic massages every day - the magic of Mindful Eating lies in our attention to food. In their undogmatic-practical and inspiring book "PRANA UP YOUR LIFE - With Ayurveda and Mindful Eating to more life energy" the two of them show how this can be realised and how multifaceted it can be.

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