200.281 trees planted!

With your help we were able to plant trees again! With the double amount of trees on Green Weekend sales and the annual production until 12/2020 we are now at 200.281 trees! We would like to thank all Treefluencers and look forward with confidence to our goal of planting 1 million trees by 2025. Learn more about our tree planting partners in this earlier blog post.

Christmas is approaching and kusheling is reaching new heights. Time spent outside is getting shorter again as we spend more time at home, also due to the pandemic. So that we can all prepare for Christmas themes at home with a green conscience, today we would like to introduce you to four companies that have a positive sustainable effect on our planet.


Hydrophil are our pro-water colleagues from Hamburg. Why water you ask? The idea for the product brand "Hydrophil" came from the initial blog, which was all about water. Because water is, next to the air we breathe, the most important resource for our planet and all living creatures. Only 3% of the available water worldwide is fresh water and therefore drinkable. The Hamburgers quickly realized that this must be protected and respected. Therefore, their mission is to produce vegan, fair and water-neutral hygiene products for the bathroom. Whether it's a toothbrush or tongue cleaner made of bamboo with nylon bristles based on castor oil, toothbrush tablets in glass packaging or cotton swabs made of bamboo and organic cotton. All of their products are produced in a carbon-neutral way.
You can order Hydrophil products not only on their homepage, but also discover them in stores like BUDNI and Rewe.


And what can't be missing from your evening routine after brushing your teeth? That's right! Face wash, cream and body care. The environmental lovers and waste avoiders from i+m NATURKOSMETIK BERLIN accompany us into the day with a green conscience and to bed with a wellness feeling. Our Berlin friends have made it their business to produce vegan organic natural cosmetics made in Germany. Neither microplastics, nor aluminum salts, silicones or ingredients of animal origin can be found in their bottles and jars. In their new "WE REDUCE!" series, you'll even find all products in plastic-free, recycled and compostable packaging! As with all of i+m's cosmetics, all oils are exclusively cold-pressed and many ingredients come from fair trade projects. You can check out the whole series here: The special thing about "i+m" is that they donate a quarter of their profits to eco-fair projects - every year. A fixed part of the donations is "Ein Haus für Kinder und Frauenhäuser für Afrika e.V.", initiated by i+m in 2014, which includes a women's shelter, a school, and orphanage. Because their motto is: "There is nothing good, unless you do it, especially when it comes to the common good and meaningful initiatives. We are convinced that capitalism and its companies only make sense or have a right to exist if they predominantly serve the common good and do not harm it at any point." (Quote i+m)



A guTEE idea from Hamburg. Samova is known for finest tea enjoyment from controlled organic cultivation.

In the fight against packaging waste, Samova is one of the pioneers in the food industry - they are the first to use space and express envelopes consisting of NatureFlex™ film made from wood pulp from controlled sustainable forestry. Degradation of the envelope films takes place on average within 42-50 days and is possible in the garden, in the worm bin and also in the composting plant.

Greenpeace Energy

With our energy charged friends from Greenpeace Energy you can turn up the heat with a clear conscience. That's because they get their energy from 100% renewable sources, such as wind, water or solar. Greenpeace Energy is not only committed to producing sustainable electricity, but they are also politically committed to a greener future for their industry.

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