Under the blanket: With the Michalkis

Three lovebirds: Saskia, Lui and Marcin are our ambassadors for infinite love. As a group of three, they provide us with the proof that love only becomes one thing when it is shared: more! Saskia is married to Marcin and engaged to Luise. The three Lovebirds live in Hamburg, Germany and have been sharing our bathrobes and Kushel blankets at home since Kushel's founding. Especially on Saskia's Instagram account they always show us little glimpses of their everyday life and spread good vibes with funny cabbles, love affairs and clear statements for love for all. 🥰


Why are you under the blanket with Kushel?
"We love the Kushel products. There is simply nothing cuddlier! Saskia lives in a bathrobe, Marcini showers exclusively with the Kushel towels and Lui always has one of the Kushel blankets ready!"

You often show yourselves on Instagram cuddling and laughing as a group of three. What role do small gestures for each other play in your everyday lives?
"Small gestures are everything for us. Showing each other small appreciations every day makes super much for us. Our big goal is that it never takes days like Valentine's Day to show each other our love."

You do quite a bit of outreach on Instagram, showing many facets of your everyday life as a threesome together. What values do you want your community to know about love?
"For us, love is free. Free from societal "guidelines." It's important to us that every person can love the way they want. Love should not be judged from the outside. Because everyone defines love for themselves! We stand up for the fact that people who are outside the heteronormative society can develop their love just as freely as everyone else."

What are the most beautiful facets of life as a group of three?
"We have triple love! Actually, everything about our relationship is beautiful. But probably the most beautiful thing is that we are just felt even stronger because we have a third person, a third heart and two more hands at our disposal. When you're sick, two take care of you. If you need an opinion, you can get two right away."

One of Kushel's slogans is to cuddle against climate change! Have you found any other ways besides cuddling for you to make your environmental footprint on the world a little smaller?
"We try to become better and better in our everyday life. For example, we don't have a car, but all three of us only ride bicycles. We also try to avoid unnecessary plastic waste when shopping. But the most important thing for us is to take to the streets for good climate policy. Because only if we tackle the crisis together as a country and a world can we save our planet."

What does Saskia need for the perfect cuddly Sunday, Marcini? And what can't be missing from Lui's, Saskia? And what is important for Marcini, Lui?
Marcin: Lots and lots of tea! On a cuddly Sunday, I'm sure I make tea for Saskia every hour. And she loves her Harry Potter audio books!

Saskia: Lui always gets mad when I have too many clothes on. She always says "JEANS? Take those off right now!" So for Lui, cozy clothes, if any clothes, are the most important.

Lui: Marcini is our cozy minister! He is always the last to lie down. Before that, he has to make sure that the environment is perfect. Once he taped all the windows with blankets so we could watch series all Sunday without sunlight."

Why do you love your Kushel blankets?
"Because there is simply nothing softer!"