Under the blanket with Phil and Phil

Gay couple and rainbow dads: Phil and Phil are our ambassadors for love, cuddling and good humour. Blondie and Brownie - those are their nicknames - live in Hanover and have been snuggled up in our blankets at home since Kushel was founded. On their Instagram, they always show us little glimpses of their everyday lives and spread good vibes with kitchen dances, love affairs and clear statements for love for all. 🥰 Now there are three of them! They recently adopted a baby. All the more reason for the two of them to have a sustainable blanket.


Why are you under the blanket with Kushel?
"Sustainability has not always been easy for us and we are still working on ourselves. Kushel was the impetus to watch what we buy or use. We were absolutely excited about every product and the blanket has been a daily companion on the sofa ever since."

Valentine's Day is not relevant to every couple. How do you feel about this day in your relationship?

"We have never celebrated it in a big way. We show throughout the year that the other person is important to us. And now that we are dads, love is a very important bond."

On your Instagram page you show your everyday life quite openly, you have also created a diary for your relationship. How are you doing with your public life on Instagram?

"It's a crazy rollercoaster ride. We are so happy that we reach so many people. Encouraging them and being role models. In some situations it happens that we tell friends something privately and they already know about it on Instagram. Nevertheless, in the four years we've learned to be more relaxed about it and haven't always told everything there either."

Your followers seem very affectionate and like a big supporter to the outside world. What has your Insta community taught you?

"They show us that we don't have to do all kinds of things to make them stay. It's enough for us to talk about love. Sharing our happiness and giving something back every now and then."


You have recently adopted a baby, congratulations! Did that turn your previous understanding of love upside down again?

"We all know the feeling of being in love. The butterflies in the stomach. The feeling that is so difficult to describe. Imagine it spreading out, enveloping your child. You are so happy. That's how we've felt since last year. Not upside down, then. More like doubled and expanded."

Have issues like the environment and sustainability come even further into your focus as a result of adoption?

"Oh yes! We now look closely at what detergent we use. What clothes we buy and how we live. It's not so easy, but you learn the tricks or even the terminologies to avoid."

What values in sustainability do you want to instil in your child?

"We want to show that you shouldn't take everything for granted. That vegetables don't grow in supermarkets, but also in grandma's garden. That there are also people who don't have it so good. And that we plan a lot of time to understand and grasp everything. And without pressure. Our child should be able to question a lot on its own and ask questions without us standing next to it with an encyclopaedia."

What does Brownie need for the perfect cuddly Sunday, Phil? And what can't be missing for Blondie, Phil?

"Very important for Blondie on a cuddly Sunday is a mug of ice cream, a pot of tea and a long nap. Rounded off with a few nostalgic films.
Brownie needs a blanket, something to drink, a snack and a Disney movie for Cuddle Sunday. Alongside his two favourite people."