The Kushel Bathrobe

Kushel is the first climate & resource positive textile brand.
In other words: We give back more resources than we use and store more CO2 than we emit.

After the successful launch of our towels, we are proud to present the new Kushel bathrobe! Made from soft wood fibres and organic cotton (GOTS).


Kushel Bathrobe

Cosy Hood

Extra large and lined with our popular towel surface structure

Kushel Bathrobe

So fresh & So Green

Kushel is developed for sensitive skin, all colors and processing steps are compliant to GOT Standard. The Robe is certified STANDARD-100 by Öko-Tex.

Green production in Europe
Kushel Bathrobe

Attention to Detail

A durable construction and high-quality fibres guarantee soft haptics, which also remains feelable after several washes.

Time to get Cosy!

With the help of more than 430 supporters, we were able to realize our second crowdfunding "The Kushel Bathrobe" and in the end we even got overfinanced by 339%. WOW! With your help we could prove to the world that our idea of a climate & resource positive consumption works.

After you almost bought all of our bathrobes, we now finally received a new cosy delivery from Portugal. Thanks for your feedback and much love to every fan, supporter, treefluencer and editor who made this possible.

320500 Trees planted Last Updated: 19th of March 2021
Certified B Corporation


We are the first textile brand certified by B corporation in germany. Learn more