A high-quality cuddly blanket accompanies you your whole life and should not be missing on your couch: Because cuddling simply puts you in a good mood - whether as a couple, a trio or alone.

Kuscheldecke Woven


We've designed a beautiful textured blanket to redefine your cosiness on the couch at home: The new Kushel blanket in our range is called "Woven" and is woven from organic cotton and soft beech wood fibres.

This gives it a beautiful mottled look and an incredibly soft surface texture that won't let you get out of cuddling.

Die Kuscheldecke zuhause auf der Couch


Cuddling gets under your skin. And only air, love and fluff should get under your skin! That's why you won't find any polyester in our Kushel blankets. And you can feel that too!

Cuddling is about caring - and we love all animals! That's why we don't use wool. The Woven is your vegan alternative to a woollen blanket. It is heat-regulating, soft and also suitable for the allergy sufferers among you.

Kuscheldecke Woven Red


Do you also have trouble falling asleep? A heavier blanket can help shorten your sleep time. The Woven is our warmest and thickest Kushel blanket yet, and it'll make you feel like you're sleeping on clouds.

Some of our team now sleep under it too - and it works really well!

Your Woven fits on any couch - no matter how often you move or redecorate. The Woven comes in five designs: Woven Cream, Silver, Marble, Red and Grey.

Kuscheldecken von Kushel

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